The XPLAN platform from IRESS has long been considered the best all round platform for wealth management and financial planning. We have an integrated feed that ensures your share trading/investing activity with amscot Advisor Services is updated into your XPLAN client data letting you manage your client investments from a single point.

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The truly dynamic, browser-based webIRESS is the Australian industry standard for share market information & trading.

With amscot Advisor Services and webIRESS you trade directly into the markets at at a speed comparable with that of an ASX Participant stockbroker.

Some typical webIRESS screen views:

webIRESS offers the following functions:

  • Real time ASX equities prices
  • Full market-depth on all stocks
  • Live ASX company reports
  • Historical trade data
  • Real-time charts (including intraday) with wide-ranging and powerful features
  • Price alerts with email notification
  • Market activity information
  • Trade ticker
  • Live international market information
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Historical time series database, including past dividends
  • Contingent/stop loss orders (requires signing of the Contingent/Stop loss Agreement Form)

Please note: Although amscot does apply filters to prevent mishaps when trading through webIRESS, at no stage do we interfere with or impede your orders.

WebIRESS demonstration

Clients can trial the functionality of amscot Advisor Services Premium trading platform before joining.

The trial versions allow you to access the trading platform for 20 minutes, allowing you to use all the functions that would be available when you join. (Please note that the trial information is at least 20 minutes delayed, and therefore the Market Depth is not current.)

It is recommended that you access the trial versions during market hours (10am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time) to truly appreciate webIRESS' functionality.

Please note that this trial only allows 25 users to be logged in concurrently, so if you have difficulty accessing the link below, please try again later.

Click here to access the 20 minute trial (requires Java).

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