About amscot

amscot Advisor Services is the non-advisory wholesale division of State One Stockbroking Ltd (AFSL 247100), a full trading, clearing and settlement Participant of the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd (ASX), Chi-X Australia (Chi-X Aus) and Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX). We are not related to any non-Australian entity and we are not owned by a bank or large financial institution.

The vision of amscot Advisor Services is to:

  • provide the most cost competitive non-advisory wholesale broking service in Australia;
  • consistently satisfy the needs of our Advisor Clients;
  • offer extremely good value to our Advisor Clients for all products delivered;
  • maintain a culture of totally professional client service at all levels of the organisation;
  • behave at all times like an industry leader;
  • offer a degree of technological expertise and support indicative of a major industry player;
  • focus on delivering the most appropriate investment products to all Advisor Clients.

To achieve this, we focus on achieving three core aims:



Discounted brokerage should not equate to discounted service.
amscot Advisor Services aims to be totally user friendly, and to re-personalise an increasingly de-personalised industry.

We won't leave you on hold or place you in long phone queues. At all times, you will be greeted quickly and professionally by an appropriately trained Australian-based dealer. Our exceptional service will allow you to manage your business more effectively.



amscot Advisor Services aims to offer amongst the most competitive brokerage rates in Australia. Importantly, our pricing is highly competitive across all contract values. This ensures that our Advisor Clients can run their business at the highest efficiency.



The proprietary State One back office system used to clear all amscot trades is of the highest quality available.

State One has regularly been rated #1 of some 45 ASX settling stockbrokers in the monthly benchmarking of Settlement Performance, reinforcing the fact that we offer our Advisor Clients a truly professional service.

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